The New Brunswick Nursing Informatics Group (NBNIG) is a professional practice group affiliated with the Nurse’s Association of New Brunswick and the Canadian Nursing Informatics Association.  Thank you to those nurses who have recently expressed an interest in joining the NBNIG Executive - if you are interested in learning more please contact Karen Furlong - NBNIG President. 


The Executive




Dr. Karen E. Furlong is a Senior Teaching Associate with the Department of Nursing and Health Sciences, University of New Brunswick (UNB), Saint John, Canada. Karen is a Senior Teaching Associate, Department of Nursing and Health Sciences, University of New Brunswick.  Her doctoral research focused on education and training initiatives for registered nurses who are preparing for and working with an electronic health record.  Complimentary to this is Karen’s current research projects  investigating: 1) entry-level informatics competence using the Joanna Briggs Institute scoping review methodology, and 2) co-principle investigator for a mixed-methods study examining nurse educators’ knowledge and current integration of basic informatics/digital health content in undergraduate nursing curricula. Karen is the President of both the New Brunswick Nursing Informatics Group and the Canadian Nursing Informatics Association. In addition, Karen sits on two national digital health advisory committees affiliated with the Canadian Association of Schools of Nursing.  These professional activities are closely aligned with Karen’s interest in supporting educators with the integration of entry-level informatics content into nursing curricula. 

Past President

Kate Burns

Kate Burns is an accomplished management professional with over 30 years of clinical nursing, administrative and informatics experience in healthcare. She is a graduate of the University of New Brunswick with clinical and management experience in medicine, cardiac, and intensive care units in various jurisdictions and provinces prior to becoming interested in informatics. Kate's informatics leadership and project management ability was commended in her role as Project Manager on an award-winning regional eDocumentation Project and her subsequent work as the Regional Director of Nursing Informatics for Horizon Health Network. From this role, she was recruited to a position with Healthtech Consultants where she provided expertise on numerous projects across Canada.Kate has gained an excellent reputation for clinical leadership and tackling difficult and complex projects, in particular informatics projects involving multiple stakeholder groups. She has insight into clinical, administrative and educational challenges within the healthcare landscape and is particularly interested in translating clinical practice to informatics to provide value for nursing. Kate is an independent healthcare and  informatics consultant and is currently working as the Home and Community Care Coordinator for Kingsclear First Nation. Kate is the proud recipient of the first New Brunswick Nursing informatics Group (NBNIG) Award of Excellence in 2010. Prior to accepting the position of President of NBNIG, she held executive positions on both NBNIG and Canadian Nursing Informatics Association (CNIA).


Shelley Knorr

Shelley graduated from UNB in 1987 with her BN, received CNA certification in Orthopedics in 2005 and received Trainer Certification in Adult Education from NBCC in 2009.  She has worked in various roles including 18 years in direct patient care, clinical research, documentation coordinator and currently workload measurement.  Shelley was also a member of a team of seven who developed and implemented electronic documentation in a new hospital in Waterville, New Brunswick.  After implementation, Shelley worked as the Clinical Documentation Specialist and was responsible for the ongoing support and development of the electronic documentation system.  This was the first system in the province which provided nursing workload as a byproduct of documentation.

In her current role as Nursing Workload Measurement Coordinator, Shelley is working with nursing informatics every day and provides pertinent information to Managers and staff.  This information is used to guide decisions for the nursing units and provide evidence of adherence to various clinical standards to ensure quality improvement in patient care.

Shelley has been involved in Nursing Informatics since 2008 and has held office as Secretary/Treasurer since 2010.

Copy Of -CNIA Jurisdictional Representative

Heather Fifield Barton RNBN MN

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